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In this section of Mike's Sketchpad there are tutorials for porting files between graphics applications, and for setting up a cross-platform network to port files between Mac® and Windows® systems. Also detailed here are extensive ways to port fonts across platforms and how to port animations as well.


The advantages of porting your work from one application to another and working in a mixed platform environment are:

1. To migrate your work from one application to another or from one platform to another.
2. To employ features from disparate applications into a single composition.
3. To see how web pages appear on both platforms by setting up a Mac-Win network and by building a staging web on one or both platforms.
4. Or simply to have the freedom to work on both platforms simultaneously. You can edit files on one platform and save them to the other and share files transparently between them.

Service bureaus who output files for print media on high-end imagesetters have been doing this for years. The advantages are many. The biggest reason is for creative freedom and to keep from being "boxed in" to one application. Each application has its own special features. With these techniques you can pick and choose your favorite features between them and use them at will.

Computer graphics break down into two main categories - raster (composed of pixels) and vector (composed of paths and points) more here. Raster file formats (TIFF, Windows BMP, Macintosh PICT, Photoshop® PSD to name a few) are so widely supported that most all image editors will read and write them without any trouble. Hence, there is no necessity for any special techniques to port them between applications.

Vector file formats are a different story, though, and these require a little more knowledge and planning to get the most from them. The main illustration programs I have experience with are Deneba Canvas™, Adobe® Illustrator®, Macromedia® FreeHand® and CorelDRAW®.

Porting Fonts

This section also has tutorials on porting fonts between Macintosh and Windows platforms. Here you will find out how to port TrueType® and PostScript® Type 1 fonts using CrossFont, TransType for the PC, TransType for the Mac, Fontographer® for the Mac and FontLab® for the Mac.

Porting Animations

This section also has a series on porting animations between Apple® QuickTime™ Pro 4.0, Adobe® ImageReady™ 2.0, Jasc® Animation Shop™ 2.0 and Macromedia® Fireworks® 3.0. Here I reveal valuable time saving tips and techniques.

Porting Files Tutorials:

Porting Files Between Apps
Input / Output Channels
Masks & Clipping Paths
Porting Vector Images
Porting Masked Bitmaps
Setup Distiller Options
Port a Masked Bitmap 1
Port a Masked Bitmap 2
Port a Masked Bitmap 3
Porting Clipping Paths
Porting Corel® Paths 1
Porting Corel Paths 2
Porting Corel Paths 3
Extracting Corel Paths
Extract Corel Paths 1
Extract Corel Paths 2
Extract Corel Paths 3
Extracting Corel Masks
Extract Corel Masks 1
Extract Corel Masks 2
Extract Corel Masks 3

Mac-Win Porting Tutorials:

Mac-Win Porting
Two Ways To Port Files
Setup a Mac-Win Network
Mac-Win File Types
Porting With FTP 1
Porting With FTP 2
Porting With FTP 3
Porting With FTP 4
Mac-Win Porting Summary

Porting Animations:

Porting Animations Intro 1
Porting Animations Intro 2
Porting Animations No 1
Porting Animations No 2
Porting Animations No 3

Porting Fonts Tutorials:

Font Porting Intro 1
Font Porting Intro 2
Porting Fonts No 1
Porting Fonts No 2
Porting Fonts No 3
Porting Fonts No 4
Porting Fonts No 5
Porting Fonts No 6
Porting Fonts No 7
Porting Fonts No 8
Porting Fonts No 9
Porting Fonts No 10
Porting Fonts No 11
Porting Fonts No 12
Porting Fonts No 13
Porting Fonts No 14
Porting Fonts No 15
Porting Fonts No 16
Porting Fonts No 17
Porting Fonts No 18
Porting Fonts No 19
Porting Fonts No 20
Using TransType 1
Using TransType 2
Using TransType 3
Using TransType 4

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