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  Animation Porting Examples - No. 2

Porting An ImageReady™ 2.0 Animation To Fireworks® 3.0

In the following tutorial we will port an Adobe® ImageReady animation to Macromedia® Fireworks 3.0. We could export an animated GIF from ImageReady, but in this example we will export the ImageReady PSD file. Fireworks will allow you to convert the layers to frames when the file is first opened. If the ImageReady PSD file has one frame per layer then this is a perfect way to port it to Fireworks (more here on how ImageReady and Fireworks handle layers and frames). The example in the tutorial uses the animation below:

This animation was created with
Deneba Canvas™ 7. Click Here

1. Below is a screen shot of the animation in ImageReady.

2. Each animation frame is on its own layer. Click File > Save As... and save the animation as a PSD file.

3. Drag and drop the PSD file on the Fireworks program icon or its alias (or shortcut in Windows®).

4, Fireworks will ask you how you want to handle the file's layers. Choose "Convert to Frames" (circled below). Click "OK" when done.

5. As you can see, the Fireworks document window is nearly identical to ImageReady.

6. In the Frames panel you can see that each layer has been converted to a frame.

7. If you want to generate an animated GIF file with no loss in quality, use the following settings in the Optimize panel. The GIF format supports a maximum of 256 colors (more here). Note, that out of a possible 256 colors, 243 were present in the PSD file. This is a good sign. Note: When preparing the same movie for the web, you would want to reduce the number of colors to achieve a smaller file size. In this case you can port it out of Fireworks as an animated GIF then import it into another program with all the colors intact. Now click File > Export and save the movie as a GIF animation.

  Note: Although the standard compression scheme for GIF is lossless, both ImageReady and Fireworks support lossy GIF compression to get the smallest possible file size. In this example, we want to make sure there is no loss when the animated GIF is exported.

8. Optionally, click File > Save to save the file as a Fireworks PNG document. The exported animated GIF will appear on your drive (below left).

Animated GIF

Fireworks PNG

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