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  Cool Traveling Lens Effect In Canvas™ 7
Part One

This is an easy effect that you can create with Canvas 7 which takes advantage of Deneba's SpriteEffects™ technology. The basic idea is to create a text object on a master frame then make a lens object and place copies of it into successive frames, repositioning it as you go. The document is setup as an animation document and it is exported as an animated GIF. You can place the lens object over any other kind of object (e.g. a paint object or vector object) and produce a similar effect. In this case we are using a text object.

At the end of this tutorial is a downloadable Canvas 7 magnifying glass document which you can use in place of the simple lens in this tutorial. So let's get started!


1. Start by clicking File > New. In the dialog. select "Animation" as the document type. Select "Points" for the document units (circled below).

2. Bring up the Document Layout palette. Canvas creates the document with a Master Frame and a document frame called "Frame 1". Frame 1 will be the active frame by default (shown selected below).

3. Click the Master Frame to make it the active frame (circled below).

4. Using the Text tool , click anywhere in the document and type some text.

Click Here To Continue...


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