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  Cool Traveling Lens Effect In Canvas™ 7
Part Two

5. When finished typing, press Esc. This will leave the new text object selected.

6. Using the Type Palette or the Text Ruler, choose a font and point size that appeals to you. In this example I used Techno, one of the fonts that comes with Mac® OS 9.

7. Bring up the Inks palette. Press the Fill button (circled below right) and click a fill color of your choice.

8. Then press the Frame button (circled below left) and choose an outline color for the text.

9. Next select the Oval tool and while holding the Shift key, drag out a small circle next to the new text object.

10. In the Strokes palette, select "No Stroke" from the Pen tab.

11. Your workspace should look something like the example below.

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