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  Cool Traveling Lens Effect In Canvas™ 7
Part Three

12. With the oval object still selected, click Object > SpriteEffects > Convert To Lens....

13. You will see the following message. Just click "OK".

14. Bring up the SpriteEffects palette and give the lens a magnification factor of 125% (circled below). This will make everything under the lens appear 1 1/4th its normal size (125%).

15. Make sure the rulers are showing and "Snap To Guides" is active. If not, click Layout > Display > Show Rulers and Layout > Snap To > Guides. Then create a horizontal guide by dragging it from the ruler downwards into the work area. Make sure the lens object is selected, then click Edit > Copy.

16. Bring up the Object Specs palette and make a note of its left coordinate. In this example, it is at 160 points (circled below).

17. In the Document Layout palette, click the icon in the lower left corner to add a new frame (circled below). The new frame will be called "Frame 2" and it will be the active frame in the document.

18. Click Edit > Paste to paste a copy of the lens into Frame 2. Drag it until the top edge snaps to the guide.

19. In the Object Specs palette, enter a value which is 10 points more than the previous frame. In this case, we will enter 170. Click "Apply" when done.

20. Shown below is a view of the lens object after repositioning it with the Object Specs palette. You don't have to worry about the top coordinate because we are using a guide to control the horizontal path of the traveling lens.

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