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  Cool Traveling Lens Effect In Canvas™ 7
Part Four

21. In the Document Layout palette, add another frame by clicking the icon in the lower left corner.

22. Again, click Edit > Paste to paste another copy of the lens object, then drag it until the top edge snaps to the guide as in a previous step. Using the Object Specs Palette, enter "180" for the left coordinate. You now have completed three of the frame images.

23. Repeat the previous steps for the remaining frames in the animation shifting the lens object 10 points to the right in each new frame. Continue this process until the lens has passed completely across the text to the right. When you have made all the frames select Frame 1 in the Document Layout palette.

24. You can select all the frames at once by scrolling to the bottom of the palette and clicking on the last frame while holding down the Shift key. In this case we are going to adjust the timing of the frames so they all have the same value.

25. Click the small triangle in the lower right corner of the palette (circled below). Choose "Options" from the menu to access the Options dialog.

26. Enter a "6" in the frame delay box (circled below). This will set the timing of each frame to 6/100ths of a second (about 15 frames per second). Click "OK" when done.

27. Click File > Save to save the Canvas animation. Then click File > Save As... and choose "GIF Animated" from the File Format drop-down and choose the "Save Entire Document" radio button. Click "Save" when done. This will generate the finished animated GIF file.

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