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  Porting Animations - Intro 2

Animation Software and Supported Features and Formats

This tutorial details some of the features and file formats supported by Apple® QuickTime™ Pro 4.0, Adobe® ImageReady™ 2.0, Jasc® Animation Shop™ 2.0 and Macromedia® Fireworks® 3.0. I have prepared a table (below) which you can print out and use as a guide for planning your porting strategy:


How To Interpret the Table Data

There are two main groups of columns with headings at the top of the table: "Image Sequence" and "Movie". Programs which support the import and export of an image sequence in a single step will have a checkmark in the columns under the "Image Sequence" heading. Programs which support the import and export of movie formats will have a checkmark in the columns under the "Movie" heading. An animated GIF file is considered to be a "movie". If a feature or format is supported, there will be a checkmark in the column, otherwise there will be a "NO" in the column.

File Formats

The following image formats for stills (single frames) are considered in this table for importing and exporting an image sequence:

Extension File Format
PCT Macintosh® PICT
BMP Windows® Bitmap
GIF CompuServe® GIF89a

The following animation formats are considered in this table for importing and exporting a movie:

Extension File Format
MOV Apple® QuickTime™
AVI Microsoft® AVI
GIF CompuServe® GIF89a

Note that the GIF format supports both single images as well as movies.

Notes on Fireworks and Animation Shop

Jasc Animation Shop is available for Windows only. The remaining programs are available for both Macintosh and Windows. Although Macromedia Fireworks 3.0 does not support much in the way of importing and exporting as it is being shipped at the present, the program has support for extensibility as well as scripting. Although I have not found any extensions or scripts for file import or export at the Macromedia web site, that's not to say that they are not available. So these features are not etched in stone for Fireworks.

One means of porting an animation from ImageReady to Fireworks which is not mentioned in the table is that once an animation has been setup in ImageReady with each frame on its own layer, you can save the file as a Photoshop PSD file, then import the animation into Fireworks. When opening the PSD file in Fireworks it will give you the option to import the layers as animation frames. This is very handy and very fast and is one way to port an animation other than what is described in the above table.

The following tutorials will demonstrate actual examples of porting animations.

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