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  Porting Fonts Across Platforms:
Number 7A

Porting PC Type 1 Fonts To The Mac® With PC TransType
Click here for more on working with TransType
Click here for legal note on fictitious font name used in this tutorial

1. Launch TransType on the PC. You will see a window similar to the following:

2. In this case we will convert the Type 1 font, Thrust. The disk file containing the font outlines is Thrust__.pfb (more here on identifying PC Type 1 fonts). The font's .PFM file (containing the font metrics) is in the same folder (more here on how TransType handles Type 1 font metrics). This way the metrics data will be included in the conversion (more here on why this is important). Drag and drop the file into the left side of the TransType window (the source list).

3. In this case, the default conversion specifications are all that is required. The font is ready to convert. The input specifications in the legend panel on the left indicate that TransType can detect the source encoding okay (below). More here on TransType's font input and output specifications.

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