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  Porting Fonts Across Platforms:
Number 8D

Porting Mac® Type 1 Fonts To The PC With PC TransType
Click here for more on working with TransType
Click here for legal note on fictitious font name used in this tutorial

10. Click the small plus sign next to the suitcase to open it (circled below). The plus sign will turn into a minus sign and will expand the contents of the suitcase. Then click on the font inside the suitcase and the legend panel summary reveals that TransType can detect the source encoding. You always want to make sure the encoding is accounted for. Leave nothing to chance.

11. The legend panel summary under the destination list indicates Mac OS Roman encoding for the converted font. This is the default destination encoding (chosen by the "Default Mac fonts codepage" preference . . . more here). Since this will be a PC font, the destination encoding is incorrect. We can fix this by overriding the defaults.

12. Click the small arrow to the right of the destination font. From the "Codepage" selection in the menu, choose "MS Windows 1252 Latin 1" for the destination encoding.

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