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  FreeHand® Drawing Technique No. 3
Part B

10. As shown in a previous step, position the mouse pointer over the corner point of this rectangle (below left), then drag it to the right until it snaps to the corner point of the first rectangle (below right).

11. You now have a three-sided box as shown below. The purpose of the last rectangle was to provide points to snap to the top which we will be making in the following steps.

12. Select either the Pen tool or the Bezigon tool in the Toolbox.

13. Create a four-sided object just above the rectangles as in the following illustrations. The size, shape and position of the object is not important.



Look for the pointer with the solid square...
Click to close the object

14. Next snap the corner points of this new object to the four corners of the three-sided box below. The first point is already selected. A selected point appears as a hollow square. Start by snapping this point to the upper left corner of the leftmost rectangle then select and snap each of the remaining points in turn...

Snap to point
Click and release to select point...

Snap to point
Click and release to select point...

Snap to point
Click and release to select point...

Snap to point

15. Now select the far right rectangle and send it to the back of the stack by clicking Modify > Arrange > Send To Back. Depending on your preference, you can either delete this rectangle by pressing the Backspace or Delete key (below right), or you can do the following steps...

16. Marquee-select the top, left and center objects. FreeHand 9 allows the Pointer tool to be contact-sensitive so the objects don't have to be completely surrounded by the marquee.

17. Bring up the Color List and drag the color chip of your choice over the fill selector. In this case I chose white. All three objects will get a white fill thereby obscuring the rectangle at the bottom of the stack.

18. The finished box is shown below.


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