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  Cool Type Effect With Canvas™ 7
Part Five

20. In the previous example, the shadow and text objects were combined as a single bitmap. However, you can render the text and the shadow as separate images so you have greater control in how they are used. The easiest way to do this is to save the text and shadow objects as two different images. Then we will open the two images in Photoshop and make a multi-layered document from them. Before we do, we want to make sure that both images line up perfectly. A trick you can use is to drag a rectangle around both objects and render each image with the same rectangle as a border. The rectangle will serve as a common frame of reference for both images. Using the Rectangle tool drag a rectangle around the text and its shadow. Make sure to give it a fill of "none" so it will render as transparent.

  Tip: You can use this same technique to create individual frames for animations. This will ensure that all images have a common frame of reference.

21. The shadow object lies underneath the text object in the stacking order. To select underneath, right-click (Windows®) or Control-click (Mac®) to access the context menu. In the context menu select the shadow object. In the example below, it is named "RGB (300 ppi) 3". The name may be different on your system.

22. The shadow object is now selected...

23. Shift-click on the rectangle to select it. Now both the shadow object and the rectangle are selected..

24. Next, click File > Save As... and choose Photoshop® as the File Format and click the "Save Selection" radio button. Save this image as "cooltype1.psd". When you click "Save" you will see the "Render Image" dialog. Again, we want a 300 ppi anti-aliased image with a visibility mask. Click "OK" when done.

25. Next select both the rectangle and the text object and click File > Save As... Repeat the previous step and save this image as "cooltype2.psd".

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