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  Cool Type Effect With Canvas™ 7
Part Six

26. If you open the two images in Photoshop® you will have two images exactly the same size with transparent background pixels. In the next step we will drag and drop the text image over the shadow image and create a single 2-layer image



27. Click on the title bar of cooltype2.psd to make it the active window. In the Layers Palette, click and hold the mouse button on the layer. Then drag and drop the layer over cooltype1.psd and hold the Shift key down, then release the mouse button. Be sure to release the mouse button before the Shift key. This will position the text image directly over the shadow image so they line up perfectly. You can do this if both images are the same size.

28. If you check the Layers palette you will now see two layers.

29. Next click File > Save As... and save the new image as "cooltype.psd". Now you can crop the image to get rid of the rectangle border. Select the Crop Tool and drag a crop marquee around the image. Then either double-click within the bounding box (defined by the crop marquee) or click Image > Crop.

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