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  Cool Type Effect With Canvas™ 7
Part Four

17. The type looks fine. For a finishing touch we can add a soft shadow. Canvas has a built-in effect for this. Click Effects > Shadow... and use the settings shown in the dialog,below. The two most important things are that the shadow type is an image and that the resolution is 300 ppi (circled below) because we want a high resolution image for print. When you click "Apply" (below), Canvas creates a new shadow paint object underneath the text object.

18. At this point our effect is complete. We can use it several different ways. First we'll render the effect as a bitmap. This is the simplest use of the effect. The rendered bitmap can be saved in any bitmap format and exported to any graphics application. Select both the shadow paint object and the text object and click Image > Area > Render. In the dialog, enter 300 for the resolution, and give it a visibility mask and choose fine anti-aliasing. The visibility mask is to give the rendered image a transparent background. Click "OK" when done.

19. In the screen shot below, I dragged the rendered bitmap off the text object and placed it below it. Then I put it into edit mode so you can see the checkerboard pattern indicating transparent background pixels. The visibility mask setting in the "Render Image" dialog is what creates the transparent background.

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