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  Cool Type Effect With Canvas™ 7
Part Three

13. Now, without changing the original object, the resolution of the effect has been changed to 300 ppi. At this point, the text is still editable and even if we convert it to paths, the path objects would still be editable.

14. This time we'll change the object and not the effect. We'll flatten the appearance of the text a little more by increasing the point size of the type. Select the point size drop down arrow on the Text Ruler and choose 100 for the point size. The effect is re-rendered to reflect the change. The bevel is still 10 pixels wide but because the object itself is larger it renders with more pixels and the type has an even flatter look.

15. It's starting to shape up, but now we need to handle the jagged appearance of the edges of the text. If you zoom in you can see the jagged edges. This is because we didn't use any anti-aliasing for the effect.

16. In the SpriteEffects™ palette click the "Anti-Alias" checkbox. This will smooth out the type edges. In this case we made a change to the effect and not the object. Both remain editable.

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