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  Coffee Cup Animation Part Three
Creating The Frame Images Continued

14. Next, you will see a dialog. Use the following settings circled or underlined in the graphic below:

RGB Color
1 to 1 Size
72 dpi resolution

We want RGB color (24-bit True Color). The GIF file format only supports a maximum of 256 colors more here on True Color and the GIF file format. If you save the frames as individual GIF images, each will have a different palette and and there may be flickering between the frames because of the different colors. By saving the frames in True Color, the animation program will generate a common palette for all the frames. Alternately, you can export frames as GIF images if you want a transparent background. You just need to be aware that there is a tradeoff between color depth and transparency.

Anti-aliasing will give the images a smooth appearance. Otherwise the images will appear jagged more here on anti-aliasing.

Choose a 1 to 1 size. If you want the finished animation to be smaller or larger, then adjust this amount.

Since the finished animation is for a screen display, choose 72 dpi for the resolution more here on resolution.

15. Next, we want to duplicate the frame. Click Ctrl-D or Edit > Copy followed by Edit > Paste, then drag the duplicate to the right of the first frame.

16. The duplicated frame appears to the right of the first one.


Tip: This is the best way to animate frames in a vector graphics application such as CorelDRAW®, Deneba Canvas™, Adobe® Illustrator® or Macromedia® FreeHand®. By duplicating the previous frame, you can make small changes to the vector objects and achieve a smooth animation.

17. In this frame we will modify the steam objects. There are 3 columns of steam (left, center and right). We are going to make the left one fall, and make the center and right ones rise. Start by selecting the left steam column.

18. Using the Pick Tool, grab the top center handle and drag downwards slightly.

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