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  Improving Image Quality When Rendering Canvas™ Paint Objects - Part One

This is a trick you can use to improve image quality when rendering paint objects in Deneba Canvas.

In Canvas I will often create a vector drawing and render it as a bitmap. I have discovered that image quality can be significantly improved by first rendering at twice the intended resolution, then downsampling the paint object to half the original resolution. The resampled rendering will look better than the first when this is done.

Shown below is an image of a Canvas 7 clip I created that you can use to do this tutorial.


Click to download:


1. Open the Canvas document, then select the vector object group. It is shown at twice the normal size to emphasize the rendered pixels in the subsequent screen shots.

2. Click Image > Area > Render... to create a new paint object.

3. You will see the Render Image dialog. The image will be used for a screen presentation so the resolution of the final rendering should be 72 ppi (more here on resolution). Enter 72 in the "Res:" box and put a check mark in the "Anti-Alias" check box. Also choose "Fine" anti-aliasing from the drop-down box. The settings are all shown circled below. Optionally, check the items for a visibility mask (shown below, but not circled). Click "OK" to render the paint object.

4. The new paint object will appear exactly on top of the vector drawing.

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