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  Applying a Gradient Across Multiple
Objects In Canvas™ - Part One

When applying gradient fills to objects in Canvas, each object will have the full range of the gradient applied to it. However, this may not be the effect you want to create. Sometimes you may want the gradient fill to be shared across multiple objects. The way to do this is to apply the gradient to a composite path. The example in this tutorial uses Canvas 7 on a text object that has been converted to paths.

1. Start by selecting the Text Tool and click anywhere on the layout area.

2. Type some text. In this example we will type the word, "GRADIENT". The font is Arial Black.

3. Click Object > Path > Convert To Paths.

postit.gif   Note: Although a gradient will be applied across a text object by default, the point of this tutorial is to show how to apply a gradient across multiple objects. This is why the text object is converted to paths in this example.

4. Bring up the Inks palette and press the fill ink icon (circled below). Then either setup the gradient colors from scratch or use one of the preset gradients in the Inks palette. Click the "Apply" button to apply the gradient. Notice how each letter has the full gradient applied to it.

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