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  Applying a Gradient Across Multiple
Objects In Canvas™ - Part Two

5. When the text object was converted to paths, the individual letters are grouped by default. Before we can make a composite path, the objects must first be ungrouped. Click Object > Ungroup to ungroup them.

6. While all the objects are still selected, click Object > Path > Make Composite. Notice that the gradient is now applied across all the objects instead of each one individually.

Alternate Method Using The Vector Gradient Tool (Continuing From Step 5)

Canvas offers an alternate way to apply a gradient across multiple objects. You can interactively apply the gradient using the Vector Gradient Tool to selected objects instead of a composite object.

7. Picking up at Step 5 above, click Object > Ungroup to ungroup the letters.

8. Select the Vector Gradient Tool from the Toolbox then click and drag the mouse across the selected objects.

9. Release the mouse to see the effect.


Click Here For Doing This Technique With Adobe® Illustrator®

Click Here For Doing This Technique With Macromedia® FreeHand®


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