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  Canvas™ Rollover Buttons - Part Three

14. When you have clipped the "over" button it should look similar to the one below.

15. You could use these vector buttons in the Web Button palette, but I prefer to prepare them as paint objects first. Start by marquee-selecting the "up" button.

16. Next click Image > Area > Render. You will see the "Render Image" dialog. Choose RGB for the "Mode" with a resolution of 72 pixels per inch (ppi) with fine anti-aliasing and a visbility mask. Use the settings shown circled below and click "OK" when done. Screen images are prepared using RGB color at 72 ppi. The visibility mask gives it a transparent background and the anti-aliasing will give it a smooth edge.

17. This will create a new paint object directly on top of the vector original. Drag it off the vector group so you can work on it by itself.

18. One of the reasons I like to work with paint objects for rollover buttons is that the sizes of the various buttons may be slightly different. In order to make them all the same size, we need to trim away the excess pixels with the Crop tool. Select the Crop tool and click once on the paint object to put it into edit mode. Drag the top, bottom and side handles inwards to trim away the excess pixels.

19. You will see a mouse pointer in the shape of a gavel. When you are satisfied with the results click once anywhere in the paint object to crop the image. Note: This example uses a "soft crop", which only temporarily removes the trimmed pixels. If you accidentally trim away too many pixels, you can restore them by using the crop tool again. Alternately you can use a "hard crop" to permanently remove the pixels.

20. Repeat the previous cropping step on the "over" button to trim away any excess pixels. When you have done so, click on it and Opt-drag (Macintosh®) or Alt-drag (Windows®) away from it to create a copy of the paint object. Be sure to release the mouse button before releasing the Opt/Alt key.

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