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  Canvas™ Rollover Buttons - Part Two

7. Next click Object > SpriteEffects > Add Effect > Blur > Gaussian Blur, and enter 3.2 pixels in the dialog. If the "preview" checkbox is checked, you will see a live preview while the dialog is open. Click "OK" when done. At this point marquee-select these two rounded rectangles then click Edit > Copy followed by Edit > Paste to copy and paste them to another section of the workspace to be used at a later step.

8. Make sure the document magnification is 100%, (actual size), then press the "up" arrow twice and the left arrow once to shift the top rectangle upwards 2 points and to the left 1 point. This reveals the lower right edge of the black rectangle and will give the button a rounded bevel appearance.

9. Next, we want to clip these two objects to give them a clean edge. We will make an exact duplicate of the bottom rectangle and place it at the top of the stack and use it as a clipping path. Right-click (Windows®) or Control-click (Mac®) to access the context menu. We want to select the bottom rectangle. The objects directly under the point where the mouse was clicked will appear in the menu. Choose the bottom one in the stack.

10. With the bottom object selected, click Edit > Replicate once again and use the same settings as before (one copy, no scaling or offset).

11. Now marquee-select all three rounded rectangles.

12. Next click Object > Clipping Path > Make followed by Object > Group. The button should look similar to the example below. This is the one for the "up" button.

13. For the "over" button, use the copies that were made in a previous step and this time shift the blurred rectangle downwards two points and to the right one point. This reveals the upper left edge of the black rectangle and will give the button a cutout appearance. Repeat steps 9 through 12 on this button to make a clipping path exactly as was done for the "up" button.

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