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More Related Sites


  1. Free Fonts Search
  2. PC Fonts.com
  3. Mac Fonts.com
  4. 1001 Free Fonts!
  5. Font Freak
  6. The Font Pool
  7. Luc Devroye's site - Comprehensive font research site
  8. Microsoft® Typography - Good font info source
  9. Fonts Used in Business

Graphic Design Resources

  1. A Digital Dreamer
  2. Yahoo Graphics Software Links
  3. Stockart.com - Stockart.com, your complete on-line illustration source.

Desktop Publishing

  1. Desktop Publishing at About.com
  2. Graphic Design Resource Center


  1. Royal Frazier's GIF Animation on the WWW
  2. Animated Gif Artists Guild

Macintosh® and Windows®Software

  1. Adobe Systems
  2. Quark, Inc.
  3. Corel® Corporation
  4. ACD Systems - Canvas (previously Deneba Software)

Windows Only Software

  1. Paint Shop Pro
  2. GIF Construction Set - Alchemy Mindworks

Macintosh Only Software

  1. Apple Computer



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