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  FreeHand® Drawing Technique No. 4
Part C

Reshaping The Basic Box

postit.gif   Note: Copy the box made in the previous steps if you want to save it. Click Edit > Select All followed by Edit > Clone, then drag it away from the first one.

20. As shown in a previous step, position the mouse pointer over the corner point of one of the rectangles until you can see the small square next to the pointer (below left). Click and drag it to reshape the rectangle (below right).

21. Repeat the above steps for the left rectangle until the desired width is attained...

22. Click and drag the lower point until it snaps to the corner point of the right rectangle.

23. Next click and drag the upper right corner point of the top rectangle until it snaps to the rectangle below right.

24. Repeat the above steps on the opposite corner point of the top rectangle until it snaps to the lower left rectangle.

25. Now you have a new box with the same orientation as the first.

26. Here is an example of a composition made using the previous steps...

27. And here is another example. As you can see by the keyline view on the right, this drawing is simply a collection of cloned rectangles.


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