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  A Rainbow of Illustrator® 9 Gel Buttons
Part 5A

Creating Grayscale Versions of The Gel Button

It is very easy to make grayscale versions of the buttons. Simply make a copy of the master button, then select Objects 1, 2 and 4 and, in turn, switch from "RGB" to "Grayscale" in the Color palette. Below are the step-by-step instructions.

77. Using a copy of the gel button master, select the bottom object ("Object 1") as in a previous step, then bring up the Color palette. Make sure the fill box is selected, then switch from the RGB color model to the Grayscale color model.

78. The color of the object will convert to grayscale and the Color palette will display its value.

79. Next, select "Object 2" as in a previous step and, again, choose the Grayscale color model from the options menu.

80. The color of this object also will convert to grayscale and the Color palette will again display its value.

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