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  A Rainbow of Illustrator® 9 Gel Buttons
Part 3C

66. In the Gradient palette click the second color slider. You will see its RGB values in the Color palette.

67. Enter RGB values of 227, 227 and zero, respectively.

68. That's all there is to it! You now have a yellow button. Try creating a different color button on your own using the values for the red, green, blue, purple, cyan and lavender buttons shown previously.

Adjusting The Blending Mode of Object 3

69. You can achieve a subtle difference by changing the blending mode of Object 3. This is the only object in the button with less than 100% opacity. In the following screen shots there are two columns of buttons. The ones on the left use a blending mode of "Multiply" for this object and the ones on the right use a blending mode of "Overlay". Although the difference is only very slight, I believe that the red, yellow and cyan versions of the button are improved slightly when using a blending mode of "multiply". This is largely a matter of personal taste, though. You may feel differently.

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