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  Wha's UUUp! Type Effect With Canvas™ 7
Part Six

21. For a finishing touch we can add a soft shadow. Canvas has a built-in effect for this. Click Effects > Shadow... and use the settings shown in the dialog,below. Choose "Image" for the shadow type and 300 ppi for the resolution (circled below). When you click "Apply", Canvas creates a new shadow paint object underneath the text object.

22. If you zoom in, the resulting effect can really be appreciated. Once again, Canvas 7 comes through with editable SpriteEffects™.

23. Although the text effect can be rendered at 300 ppi for print, you can also render it at 72 ppi for screen displays. Simply select the text and shadow objects and click Image > Area > Render or click File > Save As then save the selection to one of the bitmap formats (TIFF, PSD, BMP, PICT, etc.). Either command will bring up the "Render Image" dialog. We want a 72 ppi image with a visibility mask.

24. Here's the finished image at 72 ppi. You can also render it at 300 ppi for print. The great thing about this is that it will always render perfectly at any resolution because the object that is being rendered is text (not bitmap) which isn't committed to a fixed grid of pixels.


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