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  Spinning Globe Tutorial
Part Three - Animating The Frames

This part is the most fun because you get to see how your animation comes together. This last part uses Jasc® Animation Shop™ but it could just as easily be completed with GIF Construction Set™.

postit.gif   Note: Photoshop® version 5.5 includes Adobe® ImageReady® which provides a much faster way to animate the frames. There is no need to export each frame as individual GIF files with ImageReady. The following steps are included for those who don't have ImageReady or other software that will make an animated GIF directly from layers.

1. Start Animation Shop and create a new animation 48 x 48 with a transparent background. When you click "OK" you will see the following window:


2. Next click Edit > Insert Frames > From File

You will see the following dialog. Click "Add File".


3. Drag a marquee around all the images and click the "Open" button.


4. Load them in reverse order from their layer numbers for the earth to be spinning in the right direction otherwise it will be daytime in Tokyo when it should be nighttime. Use the "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons to rearrange them if you have to. Set the "Delay time" to 10 for each frame (each frame will display for 10/100ths of a second). When you are done, click "OK".


5. You can then view the animation to make sure it is all right. When you are satisfied, click the save button on the toolbar. Animation Shop will then optimize the file. You can adjust the way the file is optimized according to the preferences you setup.


6. Save the file as globe_11.gif.

You're done -- COOL!



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