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  Font Basics - Part 5
Basic Do's and Don'ts

DO use ATM for Type 1 font management.

Note: I recommend ATM only and avoid other font managers. For the Mac® you need ATM anyway, even if you use another font manager (e.g. Suitcase™ or Font Reserve).

DO use the Windows® operating system to manage TrueType® fonts on a PC. (no font manager necessary for TrueType).

Note: If you want to organize TrueType fonts in sets or use auto-activation, then use ATM® Deluxe on the PC for this purpose. You can still install them using Windows if you want.

DON'T use more than one font manager at a time for Type 1 or TrueType fonts on the PC. Never use two different font managers at the same time for either type.

DON'T install more than 200 TrueType fonts on the PC at any one time. Installing more will strain system resources and may cause programs to malfunction.

DON'T install both a TrueType and a Type 1 font with the exact same PostScript® name. Choose the TrueType or Type 1 version, but not both. The PostScript name is used to identify the font. If more than one font is using the same name, it can confuse the font manager or the operating system.

Note: "Copperplate Gothic Bold" is not the same as "CopprplGoth Bd BT". Also "Helv" is not the same as "Helvetica".

DO install COPIES of fonts in a Macintosh®. On a Mac®, fonts are easily corrupted. If your system should crash, fonts which are open at the time could become damaged.

DO embed only Type 1 fonts in Adobe® Acrobat® PDF files. Never embed TrueType fonts. Reason: Adobe Acrobat uses PostScript and Type 1 fonts are PostScript. Acrobat will attempt to convert TrueType to Type 1 and sometimes they don't convert properly.

For print jobs sent to a service provider:

DO use only Type 1 fonts. TrueType is okay for screen displays or when rasterized (rendered as bitmap images), but many service providers will not accept jobs using TrueType fonts.

DO use Adobe fonts (from the Adobe foundry) as your first choice. Reason: Most all service providers use Adobe fonts. They are the standard of the print industry.

Note: If you use a non-Adobe font with the same PostScript name as an Adobe font, your job may not output correctly unless you supply the font to the service provider and they install it.

If sending page layout source files (e.g. QuarkXPress document files and image files) to a service provider:

DO provide the service bureau with all the fonts used in the print job. If Type 1 fonts are from the Adobe foundry it may not necessary to supply them. Check with your service provider.

Note: Check your font license agreement to make sure this is permitted.

Note: If you hand off a PDF file with embedded Type 1 fonts to a service provider instead of page layout source files it is not necessary to provide the fonts.

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