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  Font Basics - Part 3A
Font Utilities: Font Managers

There are several useful font utilities for Macintosh® and Windows® platforms. Most basic of these is a font manager for Type 1 fonts. Since Type 1 fonts are not native to either the Maintosh or Windows 95/98 operating systems, Type 1 fonts won't be accessible without it. Then there are font browsers (or viewers) which let you view and print specimen sheets for both installed and uninstalled fonts. There are also cross-platform font converters. These are for converting Mac® fonts to PC fonts and vise-versa. Then there are the powerful font editing programs like Macromedia® Fontographer® and FontLab®. These programs allow you to edit the fonts themselves plus they will convert Mac® fonts to PC fonts and will convert Type 1 fonts to TrueType® and vise-versa.

Basic Font Manager:

ATM® Lite (available for Mac or PC - free from the Adobe® web site: http://www.adobe.com/products/atmlight/main.html).

If you plan to use Type 1 fonts on the Mac you will need ATM whether or not you install a more powerful font manager. Shown below is a screen shot of ATM Lite for the Mac:

Better Font Manager:

ATM Deluxe (available for both Mac and PC - http://www.adobe.com).

ATM Deluxe will let you organize fonts in sets. This is very handy because you can activate and deactivate them much more easily. It will also search and find all your fonts and make them available to applications when they are needed. ATM will auto-activate fonts. If a document contains references to uninstalled fonts, ATM will activate them automatically.

More Great Font Managers:

Either Font Reserve (now discontinued, used to be available for both Mac and PC - http://www.fontreserve.com) or Extensis® Suitcase™ (for Mac and PC - http://www.extensis.com).

  Note: ATM Lite is required on the Mac even if using Font Reserve or Suitcase.

I like Font Reserve, personally. Mac fonts are easily damaged and Font Reserve stores them safely in a vault. It also auto-activates them plus it lets you organize them in sets like ATM Deluxe. It also lets you sort fonts using a variety of filters and lets you view fonts and print out specimen sheets. Below is a screen shot of Font Reserve.

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