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  "Finesse" Text Effect With Canvas™ 7
Part Three

11. Next, click Effect > Shadow again. Use the same settings as before only this time be sure to choose an "Image" shadow type with a resolution of 300 ppi (circled, below). A high resolution such as this is best for printed output. Click "OK" when done. This time Canvas creates a paint object and places it under the text object. With the soft shadow object still selected and with the view magnification at 100%, nudge it twice with the down arrow key and twice with the right arrow key. This moves it down and to the right two pixels each.

12. On the toolbar, click the "Send To Back" button to send the new paint object to the bottom of the stack. Control + click (Mac®) or Right-click (Windows®) on the text and select the middle object in the stack (the vector shadow).

  Note: In this tutorial we are using the stacking order to work with objects. If you find it easier to work with layers, then you can create a separate layer for each object.

13. We want to copy the vector shadow object in the same position. Click Edit > Replicate and choose one copy with no offset. The new object will be placed at the top of the stack (below).

Select this new object and click the "Shuffle Down" button to send it behind the text object.

Repeat this step to create another copy of the vector shadow object and use the "Shuffle Down" button again to send it behind the text object.

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