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  Coffee Cup Animation Part Nine
Animating The Frames Continued

40. This brings up the Frame Delay menu. In this case choose .2 seconds.

41. Notice now that all the frames are set to .2 seconds delay (5 frames per second).

42. Click the play button (circled below) on the Animation palette to preview the animation.

Click here for
the animated
version of
this image

43. Now we are ready to export the animated GIF file. Setup the Optimize palette with these settings:

No Dither
GIF89a file format
Uses an adaptive palette
No dithering of colors

The example below is set for 256 colors. You can make a smaller file by selecting fewer colors for the palette.

44. Next click File > Save Optimized As... and in the following dialog provide a file name.

45. Here's the finished animation.


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