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  Coffee Cup Animation Part Eight
Animating The Frames Continued

33. You will see the first frame in the document window.

34. The Animation palette will display the 3 frames.

35. Click on frame 3 in the Animation palette.

36. Click the "Duplicate Frame" button. This will add a 4th frame that is a duplicate of frame 3.

37. Then in the Layers palette, click layer 2 to make it visible (below left), then click the visibility icon on layer 3 (below right) to hide it. This makes layer 2 visible in frame 4.

Note: Alternately, you could have duplicated frame 2 and dragged it to the right in the Animation palette.

38. The default timing for imported frames is zero seconds delay. You can adjust the timing on all the frames at once. Frame 4 is still selected. Shift-Click frame 1 to select all four frames.

39. Click the small triangle to the right of the words "0 sec." under one of the frames.

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