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  Creating Neon Glow Type In Deneba Canvas™ 6

Note: This tutorial can be done in either Canvas 5 or 6.

Creating neon glow type is very easy with Deneba Canvas using neon strokes. The strategy here is to create three layers and three objects - one on each layer. The font used is 124 point Hobo. It comes with the Canvas 6 package on one of the CDs.

1. Start with any new document. Open the Document Layout palette and click layer 1 to bring up the "New Layer" button (below left). Click the button twice to add two layers, then activate layer 3 (below right).

wow01.gif wow02.gif

2. Using the Text tool texttool.gif , type the word "Wow!". Press Esc (Windows®) or Enter (Mac®) to end edit mode. The PC version has a blue bounding box outline...


3.  Next click Object > Path > Convert To Paths then give it a fill of "No ink". The Mac version has a dashed bounding box outline...


4.Click Edit > Replicate using one copy with no offset. Next click Object > Arrange > Send to Layers and select layer 2 (below left). Tab-click to reselect, then replicate another copy with no offset and send it to layer 1  Make layers 1 and 2 invisible (below right more help here).

Note: Because the object has a "No ink" fill, use Tab-Click to select it. An alternative is to marquee select the general area but if you use the preference "Select across visible layers" (in the "General" tab of the preferences dialog) you need to make all other layers invisible.

wow06m.gif wow05m.gif

5. Open the Inks palette and using the RGB Bars, create two new colors (more help here).

New Color 1
New Color 2
R=232, G=128, B=184
R=255, G=232, B=240

6. Open the Strokes palette to the "Neon" tab and click the triangle on the left side (the Configuration manager button - circled below left) to reveal the Configuration manager (below right).

wow07m.gif wow08m.gif
Strokes palette Configuration manager

7. Create two new neon strokes. The first is a narrow stroke with a width of 10 using new color number 1 as the outside color and white as the inside color. The second is a wide stroke with a width of 20 using new color number 2 as the outside color and new color number 1 as the inside color. After completing each one drag it from the sample window at the bottom to the presets at the top to save it before creating the next one.

wow09.gif wow10.gif

8. Select the top object and give it a Pen ink of any color, then click the new narrow neon stroke and click the "Apply" button.

Note: The default Pen ink of the new type object is "No ink". Without assigning an ink color the neon stroke will not show.


9. Activate layer 2 and hide layers 1 and 3.


10. Select the middle object and give it a fill ink using new color 1.


11.  Activate layer 1 and hide layers 2 and 3.


12. Select the bottom object and give it a Pen ink of any color, then click the new wide neon stroke and click the "Apply" button.


13. Make layer 2 visible to reveal the combined fill and stroke of the shadow objects. We used two layers to make it easy to make them, but we need to fix the areas where the layers overlap. Select one layer at a time and click Object > Ungroup. Then using the context menu, select the top and bottom "W" and click Object > Group. Repeat for letters "o" and "w". For the exclamation point, click Object > Path > Break Composite, then create separate groups for the dot and the vertical bar.


14. Regrouping them in the manner described in the previous step sends the new groups of objects to the bottom layer and layer 2 is no longer needed.


15. Make layer 3 visible again, then select the top object. Offset it up and to the left a bit using the arrow keys. The final image below was created by selecting all the objects across all layers and clicking Image > Area > Render using RGB at 72 ppi.

wow17.gif  cwclogo.gif

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