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  Canvas 6™ Technical Manual Project
Part 2E - Create The Master Pages

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38. Using the Line tool cnvlinetool.gif draw another horizontal line at the foot of the page from the left margin to the right margin. Again, make sure snap-to-grid is turned on or there are alignment objects for the line object to snap to.


39. Next bring up the Strokes palette and give the new line a 2-point stroke. This will be a black line so if the default pen ink is black, you won't have to change it.


40. Enter 752 points for the y-coordinate value in the Transform palette.


41. Select the three line objects and the footer text object and use Ctrl-Shift-Drag (Windows®) or Option-Shift-Drag (Mac®) to duplicate them while dragging them to the facing master page. Release the mouse button when they have snapped to the left margin. The Shift key constrains the horizontal movement so the y-coordinates should remain constant. When you release the mouse, the duplicate objects should still be selected. Remember to release the mouse before the modifier keys, otherwise instead of duplicating the objects, you will reposition the originals. While they are still selected, you can check their coordinates in Transform palette and make adjustments if necessary.


42. On the right master page, select only the footer text object. Click Layout > Display > Show Text Ruler and click the right justification button or click Text > Justification > Right.


43. The master pages are now complete.


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