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  Canvas 6™ Technical Manual Project
Part 2A - Create The Master Pages

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1. The first action is to create a new publication document. Click File > New and in the dialog, select "Publication" from the list (below left). You must choose from a list of available templates. For this exercise we will choose the Blank template. We want to use points as the unit of measure so next click Layout > Rulers. In the dialog (below right), choose ruler number 2 from the presets because it is setup for points. Click "OK" when done.

cnvtech001m.gif cnvtech002m.gif

2. Next, click Layout > Document Setup to open the dialog (below left). We want 36 points for left and right margins and 18 points for top and bottom margins. Choose "Points" for the document units and "US Letter" as the publication size. Check the "Facing Pages" box and click "OK" when done. Next open the Document layout palette and activate the Master Page layer (below right).

cnvtech003.gif cnvtech004.gif

3. Your screen should look similar to the example below. The printable area of the default printer in your system will determine the appearance of the red outlines surrounding the margins. The margins determine the appearance of the green outlines.


4. In this case we are going to setup the printer using the Adobe® Acrobat® Distiller® printer driver. If you don't have the Acrobat package, you can load a different driver or keep the default printer driver. Click File > Printer Setup to access the dialog shown below. Select the printer driver from the "Printer and Port:" pulldown. When the driver is first selected the default for the PPD (PostScript® Printer Definition file) is "No PPD". The PPD contains all the information Distiller needs to output the file so we'll load the Distiller PPD.


5. Click the PPD pulldown then select "Other...".


6. Navigate to the folder that contains the PPD. When Acrobat is installed on a Windows® system, it gets placed in the \Windows\System folder. Highlight the PPD file and click "Open". In Mac® OS systems it may be located in the System Folder:Extensions:Printer Descriptions folder or the Adobe Acrobat 3.0:Xtras folder or the Adobe Acrobat 4.0:Xtras folder - depending on which version you have.


7. When you return to the dialog, you will see that the PPD has been selected. Click "OK".


8. Now the appearance of the document reflects the changes made to the printer setup. In this case the printable area expands to the edges of the page.


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