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  Vectorize a Logo From an Image


Part III: Cleanup The Tracing and Finish The Butterfly

39. In this step I opened the file in Adobe® FreeHand®.

40. Next, I clicked File > Save As and saved the file as "butterfly half.fh11 - in FreeHand® format. Please view the short QuickTime® movie. First I clicked View > Snap To Point, then I simply selected nearby points, joined them together until they snapped (on the Macintosh® you will hear the snapping sound if you have sounds turned on). Once I joined the points together I usually selected the joined point and with the Option key held down (on the Macintosh® - that would be the Alt key in Windows®) I dragged out a control handle in the opposite direction, then clicked the Smooth point button in the Object Inspector to convert the corner point to a smooth point, then adjusted th handles to smooth out the curve. Although the QuickTime® movie only shows a few examples, you should get the idea.

Commands used in the movie: Macintosh to Windows translations
Macintosh Windows Command
Option+drag Alt+drag Drag out a new handle from an anchor point

41. When all the cleanup work is done in Adobe® FreeHand® the finished butterfly half should look something like the example below.

42. Next, I will need to copy the butterfly half and flip it horizontally then join the two halves together. But first, I want to be sure that the two halves line up correctly. For this step I will import the original GIF image of the logo to use as a template, aligning it the to the half of the butterfly. Once positioned, I will send the image to the background layer. Then I will duplicate the butterfly half, then flip it horizontally with the FreeHand "Reflect" command, then align it with the template. Please view the short QuickTime® movie. Again, make sure you have turned on Snap To Point, as in a previous step.

Commands used in the movie: Macintosh to Windows translations
Macintosh Windows Command
Cmd+A Ctrl+A Select All
Cmd+G Ctrl+G Group selected objects

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