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  Miscellaneous Tips and Tricks For QuarkXPress™ - Part Three

Tip No. 14

The default position for an odd-numbered page in a facing pages document is a right-hand page. When you create a new document and insert blank pages, page one always begins on the right (below left). You may want to break up a large document into multiple files. In order to preserve the appearance of page spreads while you work on them, use the page section feature to renumber the first page as an even number. This will force the first page into being a left-hand page. The page section dialog is accessed by clicking Page > Section. In the dialog, put a checkmark in the "Section Start" checkbox and assign a number to the page in the "Number" box (below right).

quarkmisc14a.gif quarkmisc14b.gif

Next move a page into the empty slot so the document consists of spreads:

Start a new section beginning with page number 2 as above.
  Drag any page except 3 into the empty slot to the right of page 2.   The document will now consist of spreads only.
quarkmisc14c.gif   quarkmisc14d.gif   quarkmisc14e.gif

The asterisk next to page 2 above signifies a section start.

Tip No. 15

Quark™ automatically renumbers and reflows pages and in the process will reapply master pages if page positions switch from left to right or right to left. In the above example, every page will have been renumbered and the masters will have changed. This can create undesirable effects in your document because Quark will apply new master pages underneath your page objects in the stacking order and the appearance of your pages can change drastically (more here). In order to prevent this when moving pages, you must make sure that it doesn't cause them to be reflowed in the process. Using the previous example in Tip No. 14, if you move page 3 into the empty slot, its master page will switch from left to right, but the remaining pages will remain untouched because the numbering sequence will not have changed:

quarkmisc15a.gif quarkmisc15b.gif quarkmisc15c.gif

Note: When setting up documents and moving pages around as in the above examples, it is best to do it with blank pages before laying out any pages in the document.

Tip No. 16

In facing page documents, to preserve spreads and prevent reflowing of pages along with consequent changes in master pages, insert or delete pages in spreads, contiguous blocks of spreads or pages at the end of the document:

Page spreads   Contiguous blocks of spreads   Pages at the end of the document
quarkmisc16a.gif   quarkmisc16b.gif   quarkmisc16c.gif

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