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  Defringing Unwanted Halos In Photoshop®
Part Six

13. Now click Select > Deselect (Cmd/Ctrl D) and make the new background visible in the Layers palette (below right). The fringe is not nearly as bad as it was but it is still slightly visible. We're getting there. Make sure the copy of the toucan layer is still active and click Layer > Matting > Defringe... to reapply the defringe command.

14. Accept the default width of 1 pixel in the subsequent dialog.

15. Now we have a smooth edge and the toucan blends perfectly over the new background. The only thing to handle now is that the branch appears to be floating in midair. There are a couple of ways to handle this. We could use the Rubber Stamp Tool and clone the ends of branch and extend them to the edges of the image. But in this case we'll make some of the leaves in the foreground appear to lay in front of the branch. It will be a slightly better effect because it will add the illusion of depth to the image.

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