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  Canvas 6™ Technical Manual Project
Part 3I - Build The Document

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64. Using the Selection tool, Shift-drag the new text object downwards to a new position on the page. The Shift modifier key will constrain its movement vertically. The vertical position is not important for this tutorial. Decide what looks appealing to you.


65. Using the Rectangle tool cnvrecttool.gif drag a rectangle around the text object. After releasing the mouse, click the Send To Back button on the toolbar or click Object > Arrange > Send To Back.


66. The rectangle should look similar to the one below.


67. Bring up the Inks palette and in the Color tab, depress the Fill Ink icon, then click the tile for the new gold color.


68. Click the triangle on the left of the Inks palette to expose the Inks manager. Bring up the CMYK Tints and adjust the slider to give the rectangle a 30% tint.


69. Next click the Pen Ink icon and click the "No Ink" tile. This will remove the outline around the rectangle.


70. At the beginning of the text and type the word "Tip:" followed by two soft returns (line feeds - hit Shift-Enter twice). Then drag the bottom handle of the rectangle downwards to compensate for the new text.


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