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  Canvas 6™ Technical Manual Project
Part 3F - Build The Document

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42. Keep the Align palette close by for now. Using the Text tool texttool.gif drag out a text object over the circle.


lightbulb.gif   Tip: A text object created with the Text tool will allow you to set the column width but not the column height. A text object created with the Text Object tool, however, will allow you to set both the column width as well as its height. In this case we want the text object to be smaller than the circles. Using the Text tool will ensure that the height of the text object will remain at a minimum so we only need to adjust the width.

43. When the text cursor appears, type the numeral "1". Highlight it to apply text formatting.


44. Choose 58 point Bookman Medium, Bold with 58 points of Leading, center justified. Use either the Type palette (below) or the Text Ruler to make the changes.

cnvtech101m.gif cnvtech102m.gif

45. Click the Text Fill Color button on the Text Ruler.


46. In the Inks palette on the "Color" tab, click the white tile.


Note: The same Inks palette appears in many places throughout the Canvas interface.

47. Use the Selection tool and position the text object vertically in relation to the circle until it appeals to you. Do not worry about its horizontal position. We are going to use the Align palette for that.


48. Adjust the width of the text object until it is narrower than the circles. Then select both the text object and the group of circles. Use the Align palette and choose align to "Each Other" and click the button for aligning to horizontal centers but not their vertical centers. Choose the buttons circled below. Click "Apply" when done.


49. Now click Object > Group.


Note: In this step it becomes clear that we wanted the text object to be narrower than the circles because we want to be able to position this group precisely with the Transform palette. Had the text object extended beyond the bounding box of the outermost circle, positioning it as a group would have been more difficult.

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