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  Canvas™ 7 Aqua Button Tutorial
Part Three

11. Either drag out a new rounded rectangle with the Rounded Rectangle tool or replicate the bottom rectangle similar to an earlier step, then scale it to 90% of the original. It should be at the top of the stack. Stretch the side and bottom handles until it appears similar to the example below and give it a white ink fill.

12. Click Object > SpriteEffects > Add Effect > Blur > Gaussian Blur, and enter 2.4 pixels in the dialog. Click "OK" when done.

13. Now you have a stack of three rounded rectangles which should appear like the example below.

14. With the top rectangle still selected bring up the Transparency palette and set the opacity to 70% and the Transfer Mode to "Overlay". The blurred white rectangle should blend into the other two rectangles similar to the example shown below. This effect cannot be done with a simple gradient fill because of the irregular shapes of the colors in the gradient. It is best achieved with multiple objects using SpriteEffects™.

15. Next, we want to clip these three rounded rectangles to give it a clean edge. We want to replicate the bottom rectangle and place the copy on the top of the stack. First we need to select the rectangle at the bottom of the stack. Right-click (Windows®) or Control-click (Mac®) to access the context menu. Choose "Select" from the menu to see each object in the stack. Then select the bottom one from the menu.

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