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  Exporting GIF Images From Canvas™ 6

Note: The techniques used in this tutorial tie in directly with the transparent drop shadow tutorial in the Canvas Tips section of the site.

Deneba Canvas 6 is an excellent image editor in its own right and you can use it to prepare GIF and JPEG images for the Internet.

Exporting GIF

1. Start by selecting the all the objects for the image you want to export as GIF


2. Click File > Save As. In the "Save As" dialog in the lower left corner there are two things to check. First, click the "Save Selection" radio button, then choose "GIF" from the "Save as type" pull down. Then enter a filename. When done, click "Save".

Here it is for the PC...


Here it is for the Mac®...


3. Next you will see the "Render Image" dialog. Choose "Indexed Color" for the mode and uncheck the "Anti-Alias" and "Mask" check boxes. Click "OK" when done.

PC version...

Mac version...


4. In the "Indexed Color" dialog, choose 256 colors, adaptive palette with no dither. Click "OK" when done.

PC version...

Mac version...


5. The next dialog allows you to set a transparent background color. If the GIF image is to have a transparent background, click the pull down entitled "Transparency From" and choose "Selected Colors".


6. Doing so activates the Dropper tool. You will see a small plus sign next to the Dropper. Click anywhere in the background once and that sets the background color as being transparent. Using Alt-Click (Windows®) or Option-Click (Mac) will turn the plus sign into a minus sign and will cause the background color to be opaque. When done, click "OK" and Canvas 6 will generate the file.


Click Here To Continue...


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