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  Cool Transparent Text Effect in Photoshop® Part Five

29. Layer 4 is now positioned directly under Layer 3. Activate Layer 3 by clicking it in the Layers palette.


30. Click the small triangle in the upper right corner of the Layers palette (circled below) to access the Layer Options menu. Choose "Merge Down" from the menu.


31. Next, click the visibility icon to hide Layer 1 (the black layer). We are finished with it.


32. This is the merged layer (Layer 4) that contains all the text shading.


33. In the Layers palette, click the visibility icon on the background layer to make it visible. Layer 4 is still the active layer, though (it is highlighted in the Layers palette).


34. The effect is almost finished. The shaded portions of the text are still a bit harsh. The black portions are too black and the white portions are too white. We want to give it a transparent look so we can see through the shadows and highlights to the underlying image.


35. With Layer 4 still active, click the opacity slider in the layers palette. Knock the opacity back to about 75%.


36. This is the finished image. The text appears more transparent by adding this finishing touch.



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