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  Cool Transparent Text Effect in Photoshop® Part Two

7. Next create two new layers. Either click the "Create new layer" icon twice (at the bottom of the Layers palette - circled below) or click Layer > New Layer... to create them. You don't need the text layer anymore so you can either hide it or delete it. In this case I chose to hide it. Just click the layer visibility icon (the icon that looks like an eye) on the far left of the text layer (circled below). The two new layers are named "Layer 1" and Layer 2".


8. Here's what the selection looks like against the background image.


9. Next, we want to select everything except the text, so click Select > Inverse or Cmd + Shift + I (Mac®) / Ctrl + Shift + I (Windows®).


10. In the layers palette, temporarily hide the background image by clicking the visibility icon for the background layer (circled below). Then click one of of the new layers to make it the active layer. I chose Layer 2 (below).


11. Click Edit > Fill. In the dialog, choose "White" from the "Use:" drop down of the Contents section. Set the opacity for 100%, Normal mode, then click "OK".


12. This is the result of the fill. Everything except for the text shape is white.


13. Deselect everything by clicking Select > Deselect or Cmd + D (Mac) / Ctrl + D (Windows). Then choose the Move Tool and nudge the layer 2 pixels up and 2 pixels to the left with the arrow keys.


postit.gif   Note: Nudge the layer more if your image resolution is greater than 72 ppi or if you use a larger point size for the type. For example, if your image is 144 ppi, nudge the layer 4 pixels for 60 point type. If you chose 120 point type, then nudge the layer 4 pixels for 72 ppi or 8 pixels for 144 ppi. 

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