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  Using Character Map in Windows®

Using Character Map to Make Accented Characters in Windows

Many times you will need to create an accented character and it does not exist as a regular character on a the keyboard. For example, the Latin "n" with a tilde is often used in the Spanish language:

You shouldn't eat jalapeños for breakfast.

This character lies in the "extended" character range of the font (more on a font's extended characters can be found here).

Windows provides an accessory called "Character Map" that you can use for this purpose. Use the following as a guide:

1. In Windows 98 click: Start > Programs > Accessories > Character Map or for Windows XP click: Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map to launch the Character Map accessory.

2. Choose the desired font from the drop down menu. In this example I chose Arial.

  Note: Even though most extended characters are mapped the same way, you should do this to make sure that the character you want is found in the font you are using.

3. Select the desired character by clicking on it.

4. Click the Select button to select it. Note that it now appears in the selection box. Also please note that the bottom right corner of the program window will display keystroke you can use to type the character directly into the document. In this case the keystroke for the "ntilde" character is Alt + 0241. The numeric keystrokes must be typed on the numeric keypad portion of your keyboard - not the top row of numbers below the function keys.

5. You can continue to select more characters. When you have made all your selections, click the Copy button to copy the selection to the clipboard.

6. In the text editor place the insertion point where you want to paste the character, then click Ctrl+V to paste it. Alternately, type Alt + 0241 from the keyboard.



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